Who is she?

22.  Traveler.  Sister.  Daughter.  Lover.  Happy and sad and lost and confused and wondering and wandering and grateful and here.  Grounding.  Laughing.  Dancing and running and making art.  Writer.  Confidant.  Friend.   

I have been writing since the day my hands figured out how to hold a pen.  It grounds me and it is how I filter the world into something I can see and touch and taste.  It helps me separate my thoughts and my feelings, something so important to be able to do in an attempt to stay sane.

It is my first love.  It is my biggest motivator.  It is how I know I am me. 


I started this website as a way to process everything I have gone through, good and bad, and make sense of it.   It is my way of rerouting the well worn pathways in my brain that are so used to letting outside forces run laps in my neurological highways.  

I hope you see yourself in my words, and find something worth taking with you. 


Thank you for stopping by.




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